Poetry engaging the St. Mary’s community



St. Mary’s University’s English Honor Society, Sigma Tao Delta hosted Poetry and the Engaged Citizen Thursday night on November 2, in honor of Dia De Los Muertos. Current students and alumni of St. Mary’s University were invited to read poetry during this time of reflection in honoring our loved ones who have passed away.


Conquering the new technological frontier

Beginning Media Production this semester is an exciting and new experience for me. I have always had an interest in producing content and editing but never knew how to get started. Making videos and editing them seems like a challenging, yet rewarding effort. There are some things that I am most excited about in this course. I am excited about being trained on how to make professional content that I may one day be able to use in a portfolio. Another thing I look forward to is learning how to work on the iMac and obtaining new skills as the semester progresses.

Some challenges that I anticipate this semester is the constant need to back up my files and hoping I don’t forget [to do that?]. Another challenge I expect is struggling on learning new things and remembering the steps on new topics I learn in class. I hope to use these skills in my career in marketing. These skills will allow me to produce online content and advertisements to appeal to people in an ever-growing technological world.

My mind is set on learning and mastering everything I learn in this class and hope to continue furthering my knowledge in the realm of media production. I am hopeful and ecstatic on the upcoming learning opportunities.

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